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 Char Bio - Galren

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PostSubject: Char Bio - Galren   Tue Jun 03, 2008 10:00 am

Name: Galren
Age: 550 looks about 30
Race: Wood Elf

Weapons: Bow and arrow, elvian short sword. The bow crafted of ebony and unicorn main. With specialy crafted arrows constructed of ebony shafts with ivory ends. Short sword know as Gratis has a fine steel blade with elements of silver to give it a fine shine, The handel is crafted from Elder wood, a speacail wood only found in the woods of Retler where Galren's home is. The blade is magig infused and pulsates red when used in a fight, it is not known why it doesthis as yet.

Abilitys: Out standig bow abillity, precision aiming, and good sword skill. Basic magical power that needs perfecting alot. Only knows healing spells

Appearance: Tall with long brown straigh hair, His ears poke out from under his hair. Very dark almost black eyes. He wears a black cloak over a Green tunic top. He wears dark trousers with brown cloth boots. He wears his arrow holster over his cloak on his back. His bow is also kept on his back with his short sword on a leather belt round his waist

History: Galren was born in the woods of Retler. He has lived there for most of his life. Till when it reached his 550th birthday his home was burnt down. The whole wood was taken down by a vampire force. A legion of vampires that plan to hunt down every elf on te earth and turn them into elven vampires to boost there army for world domination. Luckily Galren survived the onslaught and found his dying father. Who gave him told him to go to the house to see if a chest of his is still intact. His father died in his arms and ts is whre our story starts.
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Char Bio - Galren
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