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 New Character: Stella

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Level 6 Lord

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RP Character : Stella
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PostSubject: New Character: Stella   Tue Jun 03, 2008 10:08 am

Name: Stella
Age: Unknown
Race: Vampire

Weapons: None

Abilitys: Vampiric strength, speed and some magical ability.

Appearance: Fairly short, with wavy black hair. Pale skin, with black lips. Wears black gothic corset/skirt combo with purple detail.

History: Stella has no memory of her real life, only that she awoke as a vampire, raised by her vampiric master and father Lecarde. He was Lord of his own castle, and was respected by all the people in the area as a type of ruler, who did not know of his vampiric nature. He was not outspoken but they would come to him for advice, and he would ensure that their villages remained healthy. He would watch over them constantly, only intervening when he deemed necessary, operating from the shadows. Stella worked only as a servant, doing Lecarde's bidding. She was never allowed out to feed, her master was good to her but she knew if she tried to leave he would become agressive. When asked of her family's human life and her mother, Lecarde would become silent, and only say that he could not remember any more than her.
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New Character: Stella
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