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 Char Bio - Raven

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PostSubject: Char Bio - Raven   Mon Jun 09, 2008 4:57 pm

Name: Raven
Age: unknown
Race: unknown
Weapons: A Vampire hunters single handed cross bow

Abilitys: Vampire hunter training. Trained in the techniques of vampire slaying.

Appearance: Very Tall. Black spikey hair. A long jacket that brushesagainst the floor with no sleeves. He hasmuscular arms ad wears fingerless black gloves. He also wears black knee high boots. black trousers and a black undervest. He has a large blue scarf he has around his neck which covers his mouth. His eyes are dark and his face is rounded.

History: He doesn't talk about his past. Prefers to keep it to himself. He is a ghost among the shadows


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Char Bio - Raven
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